Top Three Targets of Employer Health Coaching Programs

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

An analysis of responses by employers to the Healthcare Intelligence Network second annual Health Coaching survey reveals slight differences from those of the overall respondent population — most notably in the areas of coaching focus, delivery methods, population health status improvement, ROI measurement methods and ROI.

The primary focus of health coaching efforts by employers, who constituted almost a fifth of survey respondents, is smoking cessation, as noted by 94.1 percent of responding employers, followed by weight management (82.4 percent) and exercise (76.5 percent).

Telephonic (76.5 percent), online (52.9 percent) and in-person coaching (47.1 percent) were the top three delivery methods of employers that offer health coaching.

Participants to employer coaching programs are identified by HRAs (76.5 percent), self-referrals (58.8 percent) and biometric screening data (35.3 percent.)

A slightly higher percentage of employers (68.8 percent) reported improvements in health status within their populations as compared to the overall population, as well as reduced risks identified by HRAs (43.8 percent).

To measure ROI from health coaching programs, employers chiefly rely on HRAs (76.5 percent), followed by claims data (58.8 percent) and biometric screenings (52.9 percent).

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