Of Medication and Marijuana: It’s Complicated

Monday, January 18th, 2010
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Marijuana is in the air. Last week, the Garden State became the fourteenth in the union to approve the use of medical marijuana, while the Golden State took the first steps toward legalizing the drug for everyone. While it’s unlikely that the California bill will come to fruition, the public safety committee of the state assembly voted 4-3 on a measure that would tax and regulate marijuana in the same way alcohol is controlled.

And in a first-run movie I saw last week, a pair of 50-somethings smoke a joint before attending a party at the home of one of their children. Hilarity ensues and their children are rightly mortified. Hollywood may not be so far off the mark. In a featured story in this week’s Healthcare Business Weekly Update, SAMHSA reports on a dramatic increase in levels of illicit drug use among aging baby boomers that is likely to strain existing substance abuse treatment services in the years to come.

On the flip side, healthcare companies recognize the value of proper adherence to a medication regime. In the first week of our survey on medication adherence, more than 60 companies have already told us about the individuals and conditions targeted by their medication adherence programs as well as the strategies, technologies and tools that are producing results in this area. It’s not complicated — take the survey by January 31 and get a free e-summary of these results.

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