Health IT Improves Care Management

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

A new HHS report describing how Columbia Basin Health Association’s (CBHA) use of health IT is improving care for its 25,000 patients is a featured story in this week’s Healthcare Business Weekly Update. Using its EHR to more closely track key screenings in patients with diabetes over a five-month period in 2008, CBHA more than doubled the number of patients with diabetes who received foot and eye exams.

A quick look at our just-completed e-survey on the use of telehealth indicates that more than half of respondents use telehealth for clinical and non-clinical purposes. Like CBHA, key candidates for respondents’ telehealth efforts are patients with chronic illness, with remote monitoring in use by half of survey respondents. To get an executive summary of the completed results of the Telehealth in 2009 survey — including the top use for telehealth, telecommunications technologies in use, top funding sources and key metrics impacted by the use of telehealth, email me at

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