Can New Care Models for Chronic Illness and Comorbidity Help to Heal Healthcare?

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Our new president has given the healthcare industry a lot to digest. A week after designating a sizeable piece of the economic stimulus package for the uninsured, medical research, health IT and preventive care, President Obama is proposing a federal budget that takes aim at drug companies, Medicare spending and hospital reimbursements while creating a $634 billion reserve for healthcare reform. The budget backs up his Congressional address promise to “find a cure for cancer in our time” with a sizeable increase in NIH funding for cancer research. While we wait for the fine points, it’s becoming pretty clear that healthcare delivery as we know it is in for a shake-up — organizations will face stricter eligibility and reporting requirements on many payment fronts.

In this week’s Healthcare Business Weekly Update, we describe a model of care that is showing great promise for the complex health needs of the elderly and one hospital’s new strategy for handling behavioral healthcare cases in the ER. And as the focus on patient-centered care heats up, we ask for your feedback in our third annual e-survey on the Medical Home model at work in your organization.

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