No Escaping Healthcare Capital Crunch

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Even award-winning organizations can’t escape the capital crunch. For example, Eastern Maine Medical Center, the 2008 HIMSS Davies Organizational Award winner for use of health IT to enhance patient care quality and safety, just announced job eliminations, overtime reductions and construction delays.

It’s the same story on the consumer side: In this week’s Healthcare Business Weekly Update, read how the economy has derailed some Gen-Xers from planning for long-term care needs and is being blamed for a drop in employee engagement rates in 2008. Advice from companies with the highest engagement rates: Demonstrate a strong commitment to employee well-being by helping to maintain the health and vitality of workers.

Incentives for participation in health and wellness programs can be part of that commitment. Take this month’s e-survey on Health & Wellness Incentives Utilization by February 28 to find out how your peers use gift cards, benefit-based incentives, raffles, point systems and more to engage and enroll individuals in health improvement programs. You’ll be e-mailed a summary of survey results once the survey is completed.

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