16 Benefits of Medical Home Assignment

Friday, February 13th, 2009
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Because the very concept of a medical home revolves around the patient, effective patient assignment into that medical home is crucial. Dr. Anita Murcko and Dr. Charles DeShazer highlighted some benefits of medical home assignment in HIN’s webinar yesterday on patient assignment into the medical home, including:

  • Better care management
  • Better care coordination
  • Better medication management
  • Better quality of care
  • Better adherence to plan
  • Improved physician-patient interaction
  • Improved physician communication
  • Improved knowledge of the patient
  • Improved health promotion support
  • Improved organizational access
  • Reduced service duplication
  • Earlier treatment intervention
  • More personalized prevention
  • Reduced ER use and hospitalizations
  • Prevent illness and death
  • Create a more equitable distribution of health in populations
  • But that’s not all. According to Dr. Murcko, creating, implementing and fostering medical home “best practices” is a leadership opportunity for managed care in public and private sectors.

    And adds Dr. DeShazer, “Appropriate patient assignment is essential to ensure proper credit for reimbursement and performance, but most importantly to establish the relationship contract necessary for achievement of the PCMH principles and the anticipated value.”

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