Health Coaching 3.0: Coaching the Whole Self in a Multi-Platform World

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

As the moderator during today’s HIN sponsored-webinar Health and
Wellness Coaching in 2009
, I thought you’d appreciate some of the
insight from today’s presenters on trends and developments in the
health coaching field.

Roger Reed from Gordian Health Solutions likened the developments in
health coaching to the developments of the Internet from Web 1.0
through to Web 2.0 and now into Web 3.0. The cornerstones of Health
Coaching 3.0, which is starting to emerge in the industry, is
individual-centric and relationship driven utilizing a multi-platform
world, including PDAs, telephones and home monitoring services.

Jennifer Hidding with OptumHealth described how health coaches need to
address the “whole” self, while recognizing barriers and the
likelihood of lapses. She also described how to incent behavior at key
junctures, making it personal and aspirational, utilizing social
networking, plugins with Microsoft Outlook and other calendar

You can hear interviews with Hidding and Reed on these and other health and
wellness coaching trends.

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