Workplace Wellness Programs

Monday, July 14th, 2008
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

According to a study by Gordian Health Solutions, employees with greater health problems are more likely to sign up for wellness programs than their healthier counterparts — a somewhat counterintuitive finding.

“Employers’ conventional wisdom is often that healthier employees are more likely to self-select into employee health and wellness programs, but our research suggests otherwise,” said Dr. Adam Long, vice president of research and informatics for Gordian. “Our findings suggest that Gordian members who can receive the greatest benefit from health coaching programs are, in fact, more likely to do just that.”

The study showed that Gordian’s health coaching program enrollees had:

  • a 5 percent higher rate of acute conditions
  • an 11 percent higher rate of behavioral health problems
  • a 12 percent higher rate of chronic health conditions

Employees who completed a Personal Health Assessment also had higher prospective levels of risk than employees who did not.

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