Spreading the Word About Infectious Disease Control

Thursday, June 5th, 2008
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

A cruise line I recently traveled with had an interesting method for infection and germ control. Each time we boarded the ship, they sprayed our hands with sanitizer. At the entrances and exits to every restaurant there were hand sanitizer dispensers. In the casinos, in the hallways and in the lounges — hand sanitizer. The cruise line’s attempt at controlling and preventing the spread of disease was a very visible means to calm the fears of many passengers who might be worried about the possibilities of obtaining and spreading diseases in such confined quarters. Moreover, the CDC has established a Vessel Sanitation Program within the organization to better prevent and control the introduction, transmission and spread of gastrointestinal illnesses (GI) on cruise ships.

This isn’t too far off from what many hospitals and healthcare organizations are doing to stamp out outbreaks of MRSA and other infectious diseases. This week’s Disease Management Update highlights some tactics for infection control and how better hand hygiene is reducing MRSA outbreaks.

ICP Associates, Inc., a national consulting company with the objective to provide quality products and services to healthcare facilities to facilitate their own infection control programs and initiatives, also offers a variety of free resources, educational material and Web links regarding infectious disease, transmission and control measures.

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