Modified Atkins Diet Can Cut Epileptic Seizures in Adults

Monday, January 28th, 2008
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

A modified version of a popular high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet can significantly cut the number of seizures in adults with epilepsy, a study led by Johns Hopkins researchers suggests. The Atkins-like diet, which has shown promise for seizure control in children, may offer a new lifeline for patients when drugs and other treatments fail or cause complications. Thirty adults with epilepsy, ages 18 to 53 years, who had tried at least two anticonvulsant drugs without success and had an average of 10 seizures per week, were placed on the modified Atkins diet.

  • Half the patients had experienced a 50 percent reduction in the frequency of their seizures by the first clinic visit.
  • Fourteen patients who stuck with the diet until the six-month mark chose to continue, even after the study ended — a testament to how effective the diet worked to treat their epilepsy.

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