Gen X Guidelines for Healthcare and Hiring

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

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Trying to market healthcare to Gen X-ers and Gen Y-ers? You’ve probably already discovered that the old rules no longer apply. Instead, think iTunes, the Web, cell phones and other new media.

“What we’re trying to do is produce content that’s suitable for the broad-based national media and yet also make it searchable so it is found by younger people and targeted more toward their niches. As they are out actively seeking information in response to a crisis (whether they are younger people helping their parents or more savvy older people), we want them to be able to find information that’s relevant to them,” says Lee Aase, manager of national media and new media at the Mayo Clinic, which hopes its ventures in new media will provide new ways to get noticed by Gen-X.

This cohort is also getting attention from Wellpoint, which created its Tonik health plan with the young ininsured in mind. The product was designed to appeal to Gen X’s independence, freedom and spontanaeity, while providing essential medical coverage, according to Aric Hooverson Grey WorldWide account director who led the agency team for client WellPoint/Anthem’s Tonik product line. Shelley Patchin is the director of advertising for WellPoint.

And if you have employees that fall under the Gen X umbrella, an interesting article from Manage Smarter offers strategies for retaining Gen X hires. A must-read for baby boomer managers.

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