Transforming Patient Care Processes With the Help of Senior-Level Support

Friday, August 10th, 2007
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

“If you think there is somebody more important than the patient, then think again.” This is the view passed down from Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC)’s CEO, according to Lenore Blank, a nurse practitioner and administrative manager of HUMC’s heart failure and pulmonary hypertension team.

With senior-level support like that, it’s no surprise that HUMC has been successful in transforming its patient care processes. The model that HUMC is implementing is a collaborative patient care model that empowers the primary care nurse to communicate patient needs to physicians, which has improved patient care and outcomes and reduced hospital re-admissions.

Blank’s team is part of Pursuing Perfection, a healthcare quality initiative from the Institute of Healthcare Improvement. During a recent interview, Blank described this cultural view at HUMC and how it has enabled her organization to create perfect care processes. Listen to Blank’s comments online in this podcast.

Blank, along Michelle Gilbert, education coordinator for the heart failure team and pulmonary hypertension program at HUMC will be sharing their identification and stratification strategies, how they mentor and educate nurses serving these patients, the indicators and tools they use and how they’ve streamlined the discharge process and improved medication reconciliation during the August 22nd audio conference, Pursuing Perfect Care: Improving Chronic Care Outcomes by Treating the Whole Patient.

They will be joined by Donna Isgett, vice president for clinical effectiveness at McLeod Health, who will describe the perfect care processes at McLeod while Leanne Huminski, chief nursing officer, McLeod Regional Medical Center, who will provide the inside details on the medication management program, which has a goal of eliminating adverse drug events.

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