Coaching the Stars

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Scott Baio is 45…and single. And that’s the theme of VH1’s latest “celebreality” show. Coming to grips with being middle-aged, Baio experiences a mid-life crisis of sorts and calls in a life coach – Doc Ali – to guide him through this trying time in his life.

By incorporating this novel idea into their reality show, Baio and VH1 may be having the best week ever. The idea of “coaching” is very hot in today’s culture, especially in the healthcare industry. Health coaches provide patients with one-on-one information on a variety of health issues, help them monitor their health status and get them to work more closely with their doctors. And employers are using this method to promote behavior change in their workers whether they need to start exercising, quit smoking, employ healthy eating habits, reduce stress, manage chronic conditions and more.

And now HIN has jumped on the reality bandwagon with a July 18, 2007 audio conference that features a live health coaching session. Industry expert Margaret Moore, CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation, will coach a female struggling with weight issues and hypertension. It may not be “The Biggest Loser,” but conference participants will have the opportunity to ask questions on the techniques Moore uses during the coaching session following the demonstration.

This 90-minute audio conference will serve as a training session for health coaches on theories and strategies to improve coaching outcomes through the integration of mental and physical health.

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