It’s All About Patient Engagement

Friday, January 13th, 2006
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

The key ingredient to disease management programs was missing from a CMS disease management demonstration project that PacifiCare Health System is ending early.

The reason for terminating the project a little less than a year ahead of schedule: not enough participants, according to an article in Modern Healthcare. PacifiCare said two years into the HeartPartners project it enrolled only 3,750 seniors, 25 percent of projected participants.

Patient engagement – for disease management programs to be successful you have to fully engage your members into the program. It goes without saying that unless you have patients enrolled in a program, the best disease management strategies won’t work.

How do companies achieve this?

In our report, Modifying Patients’ Behaviors to Optimize Disease Management Outcomes, several industry experts shared their theories, applications and results of behavior modification and patient engagement strategies.

In this report, Michael Montijo, senior vice president of government relations at American Healthways, talks about the benefits of using an engagement model for disease management programs as opposed to an enrollment model. Other industry experts weigh in on other strategies that organizations are using to fully engage potential members in enrollment models.

In the engagement model, patients have to opt-out of the program. Montijo says that the most successful disease management programs are usually of the engagement or opt-out type because they’re able to reach critical mass within the population faster and deeper and longer than the enrollment model.

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