One-Fifth to Launch ‘Next Generation’ ACO in 2015

Twenty percent of healthcare organizations plan to participate in CMS’s new ‘Next Generation’ ACO model in the coming year, according to 2015 Accountable Care Organization metrics from the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN).

About one third of future Next Generation ACOs identified in HIN’s fourth comprehensive Accountable Care Organization survey are administered by physician-hospital organizations, with more than half reporting staffs of between 100 and 500 physicians.

In CMS’s Next Generation ACO model announced earlier this year, participants can take on greater financial risk than those in current Medicare ACO initiatives, while also potentially sharing in a greater portion of savings. Next Generation ACOs will have a stable, predictable benchmark and flexible payment options that support ACO investments in care improvement infrastructure to provide high quality care to patients, CMS noted.

Seventy percent of respondents to HIN’s ACO survey already participate in CMS’s popular Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), while almost one-tenth have committed to the federal payor’s Advance Payment ACO, an innovative model designed for small physician practices or hospitals and doctors that work in remote rural areas.

The industry’s gradual shift to value-based reimbursement is reflected in HIN survey respondents’ favored payment model: 45 percent report a hybrid reimbursement formula of fee for service plus care coordination plus shared savings.

The 2015 ACO snapshot also identified the following accountable care metrics:

  • Data analytics pose the greatest challenge to ACO operations, say one-third of respondents.
  • Clinical outcomes are the ultimate measure of ACO success, say 80 percent of organizations surveyed.
  • Two-thirds of respondents credit improvements in care coordination to their ACO operations.
  • Telehealth is offered by 34 percent of responding accountable care organizations.

Administered in April 2015, HIN’s fourth comprehensive Accountable Care Organizations survey garnered responses from 110 healthcare organizations.

Source: Healthcare Intelligence Network May 14, 2015

2015 Healthcare Benchmarks: ACOs

2015 Healthcare Benchmarks: Accountable Care Organizations is HIN’s fourth annual compendium of metrics on ACOs, delivering actionable data on accountable care organizations from 110 healthcare companies who completed HIN’s April 2015 ACO activity assessment.

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