Physician Thought Leaders of Tomorrow Must Be Willing to “Rock the Boat”

What kind of individuals are best equipped to engage and lead other physicians in the coming years? Those who are willing to “rock the boat,” and then hold on to the sides of the boat even as it sinks, says Gregory Mertz, MBA, FACMPE, managing director of Physician Strategies Group, LLC. But leaders, while born, must also be made in terms of education to enable them to lead their peers, he says.

Question: What characteristics do you look for in physician thought leaders to engage other physicians?

Response: (Greg Mertz, Physician Strategies Group) We look for individuals who understand the world is changing. Those individuals holding on to the sides of the sinking dinghy are the individuals we want to put out front and say, “This is our leadership.”

In most healthcare organizations, our historic leaders have been status quo people. They are popular. They have been around for a while. They don’t rock the boat. Those are not the people who are going to be the thought leaders later this year, next year, in two years.

I would look at younger physicians that acknowledge the fact that today’s rules aren’t going to survive the next two to three years. Then help them develop the skills and ability to interact with their peers. Just because they have an MD or DO after their name doesn’t mean they know how to do that. Helping them develop those skills, conducting a mini MBA program for them and sending them to educational programs will pay dividends.

Source: Value-Based Reimbursement Answer Book: 97 FAQs on Healthcare Models, Measures and Methodology

Value-Based Reimbursement Answer Book: 97 FAQs on Healthcare Models, Measures and Methodology shares hours of expert presentations on the value-focused vision of the new healthcare landscape, from initiatives at WellPoint, Highmark, BCBS Michigan, and advice from Optum, Navigant, Healthcare Strategy Group and others, structuring experts’ give-and-take in an easy-to-follow Q&A format.

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