Michigan Value Cooperative Targets Hospital Costs, Outcomes

A new initiative aimed at helping hospitals across the state understand their practice patterns compared with their peers, better manage costs and improve outcomes for patients has been launched by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Blue Care Network, and the University of Michigan Health System.

The Michigan Value Collaborative (MVC) will provide hospitals with timely feedback about utilization and payment, comparing hospitals on cost and variation based on claims data from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and soon, Medicare, officials say.

Participating hospitals will not only receive information about their comparative costs during hospital admissions and their comparison to the statewide average, but also for care delivered before and after hospitalization.

The collaborative is the 15th in the Blues’ Collaborative Quality Initiatives program, designed to work with doctors and hospitals to manage costs while improving the quality of care for patients across Michigan. These programs have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare costs by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of medical and surgical procedures.

Initially, the MVC will focus on procedures and conditions that are among the most common and costly — and often associated with wide variations in treatment.

Hospitals have already received reports on their performance with heart attacks, congestive heart failure, cardiac surgery, hip replacement, and colon surgery. In the upcoming months, they will begin receiving similar data for many other clinical conditions and procedures.

Source: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan , October 15, 2013


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