Study Links Pairing of Value-Based Benefits and Disease Management to Better Results, Controlled Costs

Diabetes treatment is more effective when paired with both value-based benefit design and disease management programs, according to a joint study from Truven Health Analytics™ and the Florida Health Care Coalition.

The study, Value-Based Design and Prescription Drug Utilization Patterns Among Diabetes Patients, which appears in the May/June issue of The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits, examined the three year effect of value-based design and disease management programs on diabetes patients. Value-based insurance design is a medical benefit plan design that reduces patient out-of-patient costs for treatments that are known to be effective, and increases out-of-pocket prices for lower value services.

Researchers analyzed 1,876 diabetes patients that were enrolled in a value-based program and a disease management program. It compared them to two identically sized groups: diabetes patients with only a disease management program, and those with neither a value-based or disease management program. They found that patients enrolled in value-based benefit design in conjunction with a disease management program showed higher adherence to both brand and generic oral medications and a higher uptake of insulin over the course of the three year study period.

Researchers found that by reducing patient cost-sharing for anti-diabetic medications, patients were better able to manage their health, and employers were able to increase utilization rates among employees with chronic disease.

Source: Truven Health Analytics , June 19, 2013

Disease Management and Wellness in the Post-Reform Era

Disease Management and Wellness in the Post-Reform Era charts the rapidly changing course care management and health promotion programs will take over the next several years, as they adjust to reform-law requirements and new tools like social marketing websites.

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