Joint Commission Offers Primary Care Medical Home Certification to Hospitals

Accredited hospitals and critical access hospitals can now obtain primary care medical home (PCMH) certification from the Joint Commission.

The PCMH certification option is designed for hospitals and critical access hospitals that have ambulatory care services that include primary care services offered by clinicians.

The PHMH model is considered beneficial to patients because it provides them increased access to the clinician and interdisciplinary team, and care from other clinicians and facilities is tracked and coordinated and regulated by evidence-based treatment protocols. The PCMH model of care also focuses on increased education and self-management by the patient.

The PCMH certification option will help support accredited organizations in their efforts to provide the following:

  • Give patients timely and appropriate treatment;
  • Increase patient satisfaction;
  • Improve patient outcomes; and
  • Reduce the overall costs to the healthcare system.

Requirements for the certification include operational characteristics related to patient-centered care, comprehensive care, coordinated care, access to care and a systems-based approach to quality and safety. Hospitals that seek this option must comply with existing accreditation requirements as well as additional PCMH-specific standards that address human resources, leadership, medication management, provision of care, performance improvement, record of care, and patient rights and responsibilities. Organizations that are interested in pursuing it must currently be accredited by or pursuing accreditation with The Joint Commission. Surveys for the PCMH certification option will add at least one additional day to the survey and will be a fee-based option.

This certification option complements hospital accreditation and is consistent with the new federal healthcare reform efforts to improve health outcomes and the coordination, quality and efficiency of healthcare services. It is designed to combine improvements in quality of care and patient safety with the opportunity for increased reimbursement from third party payors when the additional requirements of a PCMH are met and the certification is awarded.

This add-on certification option can be conducted in coordination with the regular on-site accreditation survey or separately. Surveys are expected to begin this month and applications are now being accepted for this voluntary certification.

Source: The Joint Commission , February 20, 2013

2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: The Patient-Centered Medical Home

2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: The Patient-Centered Medical Home analyzes the responses of 95 healthcare organizations to HIN’s sixth annual industry survey on the PCMH, administered in May 2012. It delivers the latest metrics and measures on current and planned PCMH initiatives, providing actionable data on PCMH effectiveness, targeted populations and conditions, medical home team members, health IT in use, reimbursement, ROI and much, much more.

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