Follow-Up Phone Calls, E-mails Improve Patient Satisfaction with ED Experience

Call me, maybe?

That could be the new refrain from recently discharged ED patients to their emergency physicians, says a new survey published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.

According to the results of patient satisfaction surveys completed by more than 1,000 patients, those emergency patients who received follow-up phone calls or e-mails from their emergency physicians were more satisfied with their ED experience than those who were not contacted.

For one month, 42 emergency physicians either e-mailed or telephoned their patients within 72 hours of being discharged from the ER. The subsequent month, physicians provided no follow-up contact. The average satisfaction score given by the 348 patients who received follow-up contact was 87.7 percent. The average satisfaction score for the 1,002 patients who received no follow-up contact was 79.4 percent.

Higher patient satisfaction was observed equally among all patients contacted by e-mail and those contacted by telephone. Physicians preferred using post-ED visit e-mail contact over telephone contact because e-mail contact took less time — 2.2 minutes for e-mail vs. 3.6 minutes for telephone.

Higher patient satisfaction has many benefits, the study notes, including better patient compliance with discharge instructions, improved care transitions, and higher staff morale.

Source: ACEP, February 26, 2013

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