SAMHSA Grants to Expand Access to Substance Abuse Treatment Providers via HIT

SAMHSA has awarded more than $4 million in new grants for health information technology (HIT) to extend access to substance abuse treatment providers to underserved populations.

The six grants will be used to leverage technology to expand the capacity of these providers to serve people who may lack of access to treatment in their community. This lack of access can be due to transportation concerns, an inadequate number of substance abuse treatment providers in their community, and/or financial constraints.

The use of HIT, including Web-based services, smart phones and behavioral health electronic applications (e-apps), will enhance the ability of providers to effectively communicate with individuals in treatment and to track and manage their health to ensure treatment and services are available where and when needed. Grantees will use technology that will support recovery and resiliency efforts and promote wellness.

The six awardees will receive up to $840,000 for the three-year projects. Continuations of these awards are subject to availability of funds and progress achieved by the awardees. Click here for a list of the grant awardees and their grant amounts.

Source: SAMHSA, August 6, 2012

Guide to Patient-Centered Case Management, Revised Edition

Guide to Patient-Centered Case Management, Revised Edition presents best practices in identifying, stratifying and monitoring individuals for case management and documents the returns generated by targeted case management interventions in place at Geisinger Health System, Aetna Medicare, Priority Health and other organizations.

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