Waiting on ACO Shared Savings? Here’s 3 Ways to Generate Population Health Revenue Now

=While shared savings could be several years in the future for fledgling accountable care organizations, there are shortcuts for physician practices in ACOs to generate population health revenue immediately, explains Tim Gronniger, senior vice president of development and strategy for Caravan Health.

In this HealthSounds episode, Gronniger outlines the rationale for using three Medicare billing codes—the annual wellness visit (AWV), chronic care management and advanced care planning—to create revenue that offsets ACO infrastructure costs.

During Generating Population Health Revenue: ACO Best Practices for Medicare Shared Savings and MIPS Success, a January 2018 webcast now available for rebroadcast, Tim Gronniger shared the key focus areas for its ACOs to achieve substantial financial and quality results while building a sustainable healthcare delivery model for the year ahead and beyond.

The webinar provided key details on the key cornerstones of Caravan Health’s ACO success, including staffing and patient engagement secrets; payoffs from detailed MACRA and MIPS reporting; the benefits of effort-based quality metrics over outcomes-based data; two critical 2018 strategies Caravan Health’s ACOs use to build on their success, and much more.

Length: 3:54 minutes

Managing Risk in Population Health Management

Adventist Health’s successful use of incentives to engage employees in population health sets a high bar for the program’s imminent rollout to patients at Adventist-owned White Memorial Medical Center, notes Elizabeth Miller, Adventist’s vice president of care management. In this interview, Ms. Miller describes the program’s target population as well as the incentive that engaged 95 percent of its employees in health management.

Elizabeth Miller shared the key features of the population health management program at White Memorial, the program’s impact on Adventist’s 27,000 employees and program rollout to its patient population during a January 22, 2014 webinar, Managing Risk in Population Health Management, a 45-minute program sponsored by The Healthcare Intelligence Network.

Length: 3:27 minutes

Managing Population Health with Integrated Registries and Effective Patient Touchpoints

A patient might expect a reminder about a missed colonoscopy during a primary care visit, but during a trip to the dermatologist? Providing health plan members with “consistent and ubiquitous reminders” via multiple touchpoints in their healthcare journey is one of Kaiser Permanente’s key population health management strategies, reports Jim Bellows, PhD, senior director of evaluation and analytics for Kaiser Permanente.

Another is the vigorous use of registries — more than 50 in all, at last count — even for relatively rare diseases. Dr. Bellows defines the criteria for registry creation, expands on the choice and availability of patient touchpoints and explains the evolution of other Web-based PHM tools in use by Kaiser Permanente.

Dr. Bellows shared his organization’s approach to population care and population health management during a July 31, 2013 webinar, Managing Population Health with Integrated Registries and Effective Patient Touchpoints.

Length: 12:25 minutes