Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2014: 7 Payor Strategies That Will Reshape Primary Care

From partnering with non-traditional providers like retail clinics to targeting larger physician practices to achieve savings and boost health outcomes, watch for health plans to continue to reshape primary care delivery over the coming year, predicts Catherine Sreckovich, managing director, healthcare, Navigant. Ms. Sreckovich outlines seven ways in which payors will influence primary care, advocates for big data for both payors and providers, and comments on the longevity of the bundled or episodic payment trend in this HealthSounds interview.

Catherine Sreckovich and Steven Valentine, president of The Camden Group, provided a roadmap to the key issues, challenges and opportunities for healthcare providers and payors in 2014 during an October 30, 2013 webinar, Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2014: A Strategic Planning Session.

Length: 7:37 minutes