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HIN’s HealthSounds Podcasts…Conversations with Healthcare Innovators

Boost your company’s brand awareness through a sponsored podcast in HIN’s highly-regarded podcast series.

Healthcare industry executives turn to our podcast series for insight from industry thought leaders and subject matter experts. With a sponsored-podcast, you’ll align your company with these industry leaders. Your podcast will help engage prospective customers with your company’s products and services.

Sponsorship benefits include voice-over information at the beginning and end of the podcast

Podcasts are promoted through:

  • The HealthSounds website;
  • HIN’s industry-leading email newsletters with over 20,000 healthcare executive subscribers;
  • Our active social networks on LinkedIn and Twitter with over 12,000 followers; and
  • ITunes.

Email info@hin.com for details and pricing on podcast sponsorship and other sponsored content opportunities available at HIN.com

Please note: Topics considered for podcast production must align with HIN’s coverage area.