Health Risk Assessments: Administration, Delivery and Completion Benchmarks

Who’s using health risk assessments (HRAs), and how are they administered? What are the top incentives driving HRA completion, and what are the top three uses for HRA data? What completion rates can be expected?

In this month’s healthcare benchmarks podcast, Healthcare Intelligence Network executive VP and COO Melanie Matthews shares the latest market research on HRA use. This month’s metrics are derived from HIN’s June 2010 survey on HRAs, with commentary from Dr. Marcia Wade, Aetna Medicare‚Äôs senior medical director.

More actionable data on ways that 116 healthcare organizations are using HRAs is contained in 2010 Performance Benchmarks in Health Risk Assessment Use, a 60-page resource providing metrics and measures on current and planned HRA initiatives as well as lessons learned and results from successful health assessment programs.

Length: 3:01 minutes

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