How Essentia Health Pairs Remote Patients with Hospital- and Clinic-Based Telehealth Services

=How do you identify patients for telehealth services? In the case of Essentia Health, which conducts an average of 5,000 telehealth visits annually and whose largely rural footprint touches three states, the telehealth service may dictate selection.

In this HealthSounds episode, Maureen Ideker, RN, BSN, MBA, Essentia Health’s senior advisor for telehealth, defines a set of scenarios her organization uses to match patients to its half dozen tele-hospital based telehealth services and more than 20 tele-clinic programs.

During Telemedicine Across the Care Continuum: Boosting Health Clinic Revenue and Closing Care Gaps, a March 2018 webcast now available for rebroadcast, Maureen Ideker, RN, BSN, MBA, senior advisor for telehealth at Essentia Health, provides a roadmap of the program’s implementation, challenges and successes as well as details on its new key components.

The webinar provided key details on engaging providers in telehealth; staffing and equipment requirements; clinic ROI from telehealth; rundown of tele-hospital and tele-clinic services; telehealth innovation stories moving the needle on financial, clinical and quality metrics such as readmissions and patient no-show rates; using telehealth to tackle the opioid addiction crisis; and much more.

Length: 3:27 minutes