Hearst Health Prize Winner CCNC: Care Transition Management Not ‘One-Size-Fits-All’

Carlos JacksonCommunity Care of North Carolina’s Transitional Care program was awarded the Hearst Health Prize this month not only for demonstrating how effective transitional care is for its 1.5 million Medicaid beneficiaries, but also for continually evaluating and modifying the intervention based on its findings.

In this broadcast, Carlos Jackson, CCNC’s director of program evaluation, shares one of CCNC’s more interesting findings, identifying the priority population for the intervention, and explains why the care transition management mindset must expand beyond reducing hospital readmissions.

During a March 2016 webinar, Measuring and Evaluating the Impact of Home Visits for Clinically Complex Patients, now available for replay, Carlos Jackson shares the details behind CCNC’s home visits program, a key aspect of the care transitions program, from how individuals are identified for the intervention to the impact it has on key performance metrics.

Length: 3:23 minutes

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