7 Metrics to Build a Business Case for a Multidisciplinary Care Coordination Team

Shameka ColesBecause care management and coordination often defy traditional return on investment formulas, come budget time, AltaMed Health Services Corporation had to take a hard look at contributions of its multidisciplinary care team to the organizational bottom line.

Shameka Coles, AltaMed’s associate vice president of medical management, outlines seven key metrics presented to AltaMed’s CFO tying the coordinated care team to Altamed’s financial goals—data that ultimately secured funding for phase four of the coordinated care management initiative.

During a May 2015 webinar, A Comprehensive Care Management Model: Care Coordination for Complex Patients, now available for replay, Ms. Coles shared the key steps in development, rollout and evaluation of this care management model for AltaMed’s highest risk patients, a population that includes dual eligibles.

Length: 3:48 minutes

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