Healthcare Trends 2015: Safety Net Payors Blaze Trail in Telehealth, Co-Located Care Management

Dorothy MollerExpect to see more growth of telehealth in regions with rural or scattered populations in 2015, predicts Dorothy Moller, a consultant with Navigant, as well as some unexpected applications, such as 24/7 remote management of ICUs by specialists around the world.

Safety net payor organizations deserve kudos for early and successful implementation of telehealth, adds Ms. Moller, as well as for their established practice of embedding or co-locating the care coordination function within points of care, such as placement of behavioral health or social services management in hospital ERs.

In this audio interview, Ms. Moller outlines anticipated growth areas for telehealth as well as a payor strategy for embedding the case or care management function within provider sites.

Along with Steven Valentine, president of The Camden Group, Ms. Moller will provide a roadmap to the key issues, challenges and opportunities for healthcare providers and payors in the coming year during a November 13, 2014 webinar, Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2015: A Strategic Planning Session, an hour-long program sponsored by The Healthcare Intelligence Network.

Length: 9:53 minutes

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