Health Coaching’s Value in Accountable Care and Medical Homes

Primary care and the patient-centered medical home offer a great opportunity for health coaches to become allies with patients in improvement of their health, notes William Appelgate, executive director of the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium. Individuals with the highest health risks should be given priority, but those on the cusp of a serious health event also merit coaching assistance, he says. For providers new to the coaching conversation, Appelgate shares three benefits of incorporating health coaches in the care process — including the upping of their ‘outcomes game.’

Bill Appelgate and Alicia Vail, RN health coach for Ochsner Health System, shared how an evidence-based health coaching focus drives returns in a value-based payment delivery system during a June 19, 2013 webinar, Health Coaching’s Value in Accountable Care and Medical Homes.

Length: 8:35 minutes

2 thoughts on “Health Coaching’s Value in Accountable Care and Medical Homes

  1. Excellent information! I am excited to learn about the move to a coaching model when interacting with patients in an effort to empower them to change their behavior and thus change their health outcome. I have 10 years of experience in Disease Management and had the priviledge of working with a team that introduced a coaching model to improve member engagement and participation. The ask/share format is very successful in engaging members with managing their health. I hope this model is integrated going forward in the Patient Centered Medical Home groups….
    Yolanda Young RN MSN

  2. Agree. Great information. Health Coaches are critical to the development, roll out, and sustainability of a Patient Centered Medical Home.

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