Healthcare Trends in 2011: A Strategic Industry Forecast

Healthcare reform offers two major opportunities for healthcare to bend the spend curve and improve profitability, says Steven Valentine, president of The Camden Group. Valentine also weighs in on the current state of healthcare, and why organizations can’t think about healthcare reform without considering the current economy.

While the healthcare winds blew more favorably this year than they did in 2009, healthcare organizations will need key expertise to succeed in the year ahead, advises William Shea, a partner in health industry consulting for Cognizant Business Consulting. With the remix of healthcare delivery models brought on by healthcare reform, Shea identifies two challenges inherent in the trend toward patient-centered care that spans the entire continuum of care.

Valentine and Shea provided strategic advice healthcare companies can use to position themselves for success in the coming year during Healthcare Trends in 2011: A Strategic Industry Forecast, a 60-minute webinar on October 20, 2010.

Steven Valentine

Length: 4:09 minutes
William Shea

Length: 5:34 minutes

Integrated Case Management for Medicaid’s High-Cost, High-Need Members

Medicaid managed care organizations can turn the tide on the rising cost of care management for their high-need, high-cost members by implementing integrated programs that simultaneously address medical and behavioral health conditions, says Dr. Sam Toney, Health Integrated’s chief medical officer.

In this podcast, Dr. Toney describes how integrated case management and integrated chronic condition management are especially beneficial to Medicaid’s mostly vulnerable members as they navigate acute health crises as well as longer-term, sustainable efforts to improve their health status. For more information on Health Integrated, please visit: or call 800-323-0286.

Length: 13:36 minutes

Embedded Case Managers in the Emergency Department

Organizations should advocate for a case manager in the emergency room, says Toni Cesta, senior vice president of operational efficiency and capacity management at Lutheran Medical Center. Making the business case for an ED-embedded case manager, Cesta shares key targets for case management intervention in the ED and describes how the ER case manager is positioned to improve patients’ transitions in care.

Cesta explored how to effectively structure an ED-based case management program and the potential impacts of an embedded case manager in the ED during Embedded Case Managers in the Emergency Department, a 60-minute webinar on November 3, 2010.

Length: 4:23 minutes