New Approach to Chronic Pain: Focus on Patient, Not Condition

Too often, pain management tends to focus on the conditions rather than the people experiencing the pain, says Dr. Agostino Villani, internationally recognized expert on chronic pain, CEO of Triad Healthcare, Inc., and author of Pain Is Not A Disease. According to Dr. Villani, this way of thinking depersonalizes the experience of pain and treats it as a disease instead of the complex, personal event that it really is.

In Part 1 of this interview with Dr. Villani, he discusses his new book as well as pain management programs, pain level reduction strategies and side effects of pain medications. In Part 2, Dr. Villani discusses the importance of the physician-patient relationship, measuring the outcomes of pain management and med school curricula surrounding the topic of pain management.

Length: Part 1: 14:04 minutes

Length: Part 2: 13:49 minutes

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